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The tyres you have on your car isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Tyres are carefully calibrated for the vehicle that you drive. We have a wide range of budget and premium tyres to meet your needs, including leading brands Michelin, Pirelli and Continental.

Why Do Tyres Matter?

Your tyres are the only link between your vehicle and the road. Here are the four vital functions of your tyres:


Absorb the shock and vibrations from the road


Providing the grip for braking and for acceleration


They support the weight of your vehicle.


Helping with directional control and steering

In an emergency braking situation, the more treat your tyre has, the more efficiently your car would be able to stop.

Does the tread design on tyres matter?

Many people think the tread design is just to look good. However, the grooved layer of your tyres is what is in contact with the road. The design of the tyre is to give you maximum grip, resist against wear and tear, and to effectively deal with the temperatures that tyres experience due to the friction.

New tyres come with 7mm of tread, the legal limit for safe tyre tread is only 1.6mm. Anything that is below that 1.6mm tyre threshold is classed as bald and illegal. You can get a fine for each tyre that is below the legal limit.

If you need new tyres or want to discuss which tyres are the best option for your vehicle, call KB Tyres today.

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