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Vehicle Diagnostic

You’re driving along and the vehicle just feels a little ‘off’. It happens a few more times and after performing some of the regular checks, you still feel that there is something not quite right with your car.

So what do you need? You need to book a vehicle diagnostics appointment with KB Tyres.

What is a vehicle diagnostic test?

A vehicle diagnostic test will run a huge number of tests on your vehicle. This includes:






Oil Tank


And more...


Ignition Coils



These diagnostics tests will help to locate the issue and allow a mechanic to have a clearer understanding of what is going on with your vehicle.

How often should I get a vehicle diagnostic done?

Most people will drive their car when it isn’t feeling right, and even ignore the lights on the dashboard until the MOT test time arrives. The problem is this is can cause much more extensive damage and is dangerous.

How long will a vehicle diagnostic test take?

KB Tyres use state of the art diagnostic tools to do vehicle diagnostic tests. The initial testing may only take a few minutes. Once the diagnostics tools have located the issues and read the codes, they will look deeper into the issue. This means that you can have an answer for what is wrong with your vehicle and the repairs it requires quickly.

Having car troubles, and not sure what the problem is? Lights on the dash? Book your car in with KB Tyres and we will have you back on the road in no time.

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